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Let’s sail through SAT with Novus Education…

Prepare for SAT success with Novus’s test-prep courses. Our small class size allows each student receive individual attention, personalized teaching and flexible learning pace that is essential for success. If you are ready to learn in a positive, friendly and helpful environment, Novus Education is the right choice. We also offer one-on-one tutoring for the SAT.

Our course is designed to focus on below aspects of test-prep.

Content: We offer in-depth coverage of algebra and geometry to critical reading/vocabulary, grammar and essay writing. Through review, remediation and classroom teaching, our test-prep professionals thoroughly prepare all students for total mastery of subject and test content.

Strategy: Our instructors are expert at offering students insight into all the intricacies of successfully navigating these difficult admissions tests. We teach basic test-taking skills, incorporating proven tips, little-known techniques and strategies, designed to foster confidence and outstanding test scores.

Mock Tests: Our students not only receive unique instruction regarding test-taking skills and subject matter, they also learn how to survive a grueling four-hour exam. We recreate the SAT experience, proctored practice exams that are scored, then reviewed.

Below are our PSAT/ SAT Program Highlights:

Novus offers all its students a comprehensive 8 Point Study plan:
• Diagnostic Test to evaluate test takers’ ability
• Monitor progress through personalized review sessions after class hours
• Improve test scores through extra tutoring and result orientated strategies
• Enhance aptitude levels through customized question pools and strategic quiz tools
• Thorough revision of grammar and math concepts
• Enrichment of vocabulary and essay writing ability
• Help students to cultivate reading habits
• Conducting daily modular tests

Novus offers quality PSAT/ SAT coaching that ensures students get the best possible preparation. Here are just a few of the reasons why students should choose to prepare for the SAT with Novus
• 100+ hours of training
• Most experienced instructors with over 15 years of experience
• Clarification sessions
• 15+ full length tests

Few of the SAT Core Grammar Concepts:

Details of SAT MATH Topics:

Number & Operations

Algebra & Functions

Geometry & Measurement

Data Analysis, Statistics, & Probability

Arithmetic word problems Substitution and simplifying algebraic expressions Area and perimeter of a polygon Data interpretation
Percent Properties of exponents Area and circumference of a circle Statistics (mean, median, and mode)
Prime numbers Algebraic word problems Volume of a box, cube, and cylinder Probability
Ratio and proportion Solutions of linear equations and inequalities Pythagorean Theorem and special properties of isosceles,
equilateral, and right triangles
Logical reasoning Systems of equations and inequalities Properties of parallel and perpendicular lines
Sets (union, intersection, elements) Quadratic equations Geometric visualization
Properties of integers (even, odd, etc.) Rational and radical equations Slope
Divisibility Equations of lines Similarity
Counting techniques Absolute value Transformations
Sequences and series (including exponential growth) Direct and inverse variation
Elementary number theory Qualitative behavior of algebraic functions
Newly defined symbols based on commonly used operations

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