Diction (Word Choice)

Good Diction means using the right words in right way. We have to adhere to certain definitive standards.

On the SAT writing section certain phrases are fixed : known as idioms. Although English Language has far too many idioms ,  there are a few which are SAT’s favorite.

Lets get the hang of some!

Eg 1: The pilgrims are credited on having celebrated the first thanks giving.

  1. No change
  2. With
  3. to
  4. for

Word credited in this context requires the preposition with.

Eg 2: The new mother spent most of the day worrying over her son’s safety.

  1. No change
  2. For
  3. about
  4. 4.on

Worrying about is the right choice.

Eg 3: Diplomacy and dialogue had little affect on Pakistan’s political establishment.

  1. No Exchange
  2. Affect to Pakistan’s political establishment
  3. Effect on Pakistan’s political establishment
  4. Effect ,on the Pakistan’s political establishment

Affect is a verb. we need a noun i.e effect

List of common Idioms with prepositions

  1. Think about
  2. Prized for
  3. Responsible for
  4. Encouraged by
  5. Recognized as
  6. Devoid of
  7. Dwell on
  8. Consistent with
  9. Native to
  10. A native of

List of Commonly confused words

  1. Device-a machine Devise-come up with
  1. Than-used for comparison Then- next(to show sequence)
  2. Allude- make reference to Elude_ to evade escape
  3. If vs whether
  4. Afflict Vs Inflict
  5. Better vs best