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Latest PTE Essay Topics With Answers

Trying to save endangered species from extinction is waste of valuable resources, do you agree or disagree?

Over the past few decades, endangered animals protection has never failed to draw public attention in many countries around the world. Some people believe that these species are worst to protecting because of wasting resources; I completely disagree with this point of view.

Firstly, it is indispensable that animals play an important role on maintaining balance of nature. Ecosystems are delicate arrangements where plants and animals all depend on each other for survival. The disappearance or introduction of any species have brought with it such problems and negative impacts upon others like breaking food chain and alternating natural habitat where they live in. These changes would disrupt the balance of nature, which frequently return to haunt us in unexpected way.

For example, the rabbits introduced in Australia soon after the European settlement now compete with native species for food and destroy a vast amount of farmer’s crops, or the extinction of predator could lead to serious plagues by incredibly growth in population of their prey. Besides, it is absurd to argue that preserving endangered animals is waste of valuable resources. In fact, protecting animal’s natural habitats ensures their survival, and almost scientists agree that these habitats are also crucial for human life. Rain forests, for example, produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and stabilize Earth’s climate. If we destroyed these areas, the costs of managing the resulting changes would far outweigh the costs of conservation. Therefore, by saving animals habitats can human maintain the natural balance of all life on Earth.

In conclusion, apart from aforementioned reasons above, I reaffirm that protecting endangered species is necessary and we should try our best to do this.

In some countries, the number of shooting massacres is on the rise because many people have guns at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Across the globe, many individuals own guns for self-defence and recreational purposes. Gun related mortalities in households – in particular – throw the ethics of such forms of private gun ownership into sharp relief.

In this essay, I shall appeal to crime statistics to argue that a person is at a far greater risk being shot if there is a gun in a household.

Firstly, it is intuitively obvious that having a gun in a household endangers children and teenagers. This is because minors do not have the requisite knowledge or maturity to handle guns safely. For example, the US Department of Justice recently revealed statistics showing that 150 American children and teenagers die each year because of accidents relating to household guns. Therefore it is incontrovertible that household guns lead to additional shootings. Secondly, household guns became especially dangerous when spouses have violent arguments. This is because male sexual rage, in particular, often results in deadly aggression. For example, The International Crime Bureau recently produced statistical evidence that – if there is a household gun – a man is twice as likely (if he discovers his wife having an affair) to kill her in a fit of jealous rage. Therefore, once again, household guns correlate positively with additional shootings.

In conclusion, there is undeniable evidence that having a gun in a house leads to further shootings. Given the strength of this evidence, in the future, more legislature needs to be put in place to limit private gun ownership.

Some people prefer to listen to music while studying, as music has a calming effect on the mind. Others prefer a pin drop silence in order to concentrate on the content they are studying and have an undivided attention while they do so.Which option works better for you and why do you think the other option is not viable to ensure a successful study time?

Some people prefer to study in musical environment while other people prefer silent atmosphere for study. I mainly prefer silent space to study rather than musical environment as it helps me to focus on my study and have no distraction. This essay will discuss about advantages of study in quiet environment with relative examples.

Firstly, people who study in the silent space can have better concentration and that helps them to absorb entire content more easily. People can also remember content for a long time if they learn it in the silent environment. For instance, it has been observed that students who study in a separate space with no disturbance score more than students who study while doing other activities like listening music.

Hence, silent environment provides essential platform to people to grasp content easily and quickly. On the other hand, people who study while playing music fail to extract whole content of the study because their mind continuously switches between study and music. Even though listening helps mind to focus on the study, it is harmful to our mind if we do study and listening parellel. For example, in Western countries many school students have habit of listening music while study and in the end they can not score higher marks in the exam because of this habit.

In conclusion, to extract maximum information from study, it is required to have silent environment which can help us to remain focused and alert.

The claim that animals have rights has been subjected as a matter of debate since the 1970’s. Are zoos helping or hurting our animals? Should zoos be banned?

Animals rights is most discussed and one of the highly debated topics in most of the television programs and few magazines. With the cutting of trees and spreading of industrialization as well as society hood, animals are on the verge of extinction, whereas most of the species have already been extinct or fall in the category of endangered species. Thus, to my opinion zoos are the best place for these animals, making it most fittest place for their survival by looking at the adverse conditions today. Ample amount of reasons justify in order to support the idea. Below mentioned are few among plentitudes of a reason.

Firstly, the environmental factor poses a great threat to the jungle species and other animal species existing on our planet. With human technology emerging as a trend, there have been a lot of dangers emerging as well resulting in global warming of our planet and indirectly affecting the live of these animals. In such a case, zoo is the only home for these animals where they are taken care of and treated properly with medicinal and other amenities required for their survival.

For instance, animals have been moving towards cities due to humans demolishing jungles for cutting trees and spreading townships, as a result disturbing personal life of animals and making jungles quite small to live in for a lot of species, and because animals too follow area ownership for a particular range of land, with jungles declining other animals are forced to move out of the jungle for their survival. The adverse effects of gloabal warming has also resulted in the vaporization of lakes and rivers, the vital source of their day-to-day life, this enforces animals to a constrained set of living or fighting for the remains of natural sources left in the area. Thereby increasing animals death rate.

Secondly, illegal animal trafficking by humans in most parts of the world is resulting in extinction of species of tigers for skin, elephants for tusk and other species. In this scenario, only place left safe for these animals is zoo, where they are guarded all the time. Not only this endangered species like panda are often provided with nanny in these zoo to take care of them with all that is needed, and in few years these zoo keepers have been able to prevent them from declining as a endangered species category into a balanced animal species category.

Therefore, the conclusion of asserted points above is only that the zoo is the most secure, happy, and a healthy home for the animals, because humans have enforced environment to turn against these animals and thus it becomes our duty as well as responsibility to protect them.

Nowadays, television is an essential part of our lives, as a medium to spread news and awareness, and, for some, it even acts as a companion. What is your opinion about this?

Nowadays TV has become an essential part of life. Undoubtedly, TV is one of the important inventions of the human’s history. TV not only entertain people and also make them aware of their surroundings. Some experts are of the view that it a medium to spread the news.

Here, in the below essay I will further elaborate my viewpoint. Television acts as an unlimited source of entertainment, news, knowledge and advertisements showing aspects of our lives. Channels like History, Discovery, National Geographic shows you the things that you are not even aware of. These channels feature content involving nature, science, culture, and history along with other entertainment programs. With their cognitive learning programs, they broaden the horizon of people especially students. A large body of research indicates that children learn better through visuals. In addition news channels keep you updated with current happenings and events from around the globe. People can know about Syria’s civil war, watch the live update of American Presidential election or where NYSE closed today. In just a matter of time, TV brings you the breaking by pressing an appropriate button. Or you can watch any of your favorite programs. For example, it brings me the weather report so to plan my day well in advance. Further emphasizing on my point of view, it is not wrong to say that TV like a companion for some. It is there is every household of a nation and influences life of people living in society.

To conclude, TV is one of the miracles of science and it is up to us to make the best use of it.

Team sports are generally promoted as a great way to keep fit and build character. However, sporting events such as soccer matches are often accompanied by violence between rival supporters and other forms of antisocial behaviour. If sporting events cause antisocial behaviour, can team sports really be good for us?

Team sports are usually favored by the majority as it is a great way to keep fit and build character. However, it seems that there is the occasional violence between rival supporters which may lead to antisocial behaviors. Due to this, people question if team sports are really good for us at all.

In my opinion, I believe that team sports are indeed good and the drawbacks that are derived from it can be solved with strict laws and penalties. Some people claim that sporting events are often accompanied by violence between rival supporters. However, I believe the opposite is just as true as well. Supporters are able to befriend one another when attending these events. For example, supporters of a single team who attends the sporting event are able to share the joy together when their team wins. Although I do not deny that violence are occasionally involved, it is possible to resolve this by introducing strict laws of penalties to those who are involved.

Secondly, team sports are also good for the sporting industry. Team sports tend to have the most fans and that can lead to the appearance of numerous businesses such as advertising and sporting merchandise. This also means that team sports are able to create job opportunities for people around the world. For example, having more sporting events will allow food vendors to sell more products.

In conclusion, although some sporting has drawbacks, I believe that the advantages greatly outweigh them. These advantages do not only include character building, but also the aforementioned points. Therefore, team sports are good for us and should continue to be promoted.

Design of buildings have positive or negative impact on people’s life and work?

In the present world, the architecture of a building can or cannot be beneficial for its residents. Some people may be in accord with the conception that design of the house impacts the life of humans positively, while others may differ. In my opinion, the influence of design may or may not be advantageous to the people residing in it and requires further deliberation. To commence with, the construction and plan of a building can be fruitful for the living beings there. The reason is that a good and sound design encourages proper ventilation and natural light in the house which helps to promote good health of the people. For example, north or east facing houses as per Vastu science, are considered to be prosperous. Hence, the correct planning of the house is of the utmost importance for the residing habitats.

On the flip side, a disaster in the architecture of a building can be dreadful for the owner. To put it in another way, a fault in the design can lead to various health and mental problems for the occupants. For instance, people often avoid south-west facing villas because they face the sun at noon which causes overheating and harm the health. Finally, it is clear from the above explanation that the wrong plan is not beneficial for the residents.

In conclusion, the constructional planning of a residence decides its fate, whether it will benefit the owner or not. Thus, the influence of design is either profitable or not for the people living in it.

Some schools put all exams at the end of the year, while some other schools give exams throughout the whole year. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two-exam system Which one do you think is better?

Nowadays, examination is a way to judge student’s intelligence for that reason schools are organizing exams to evaluate student’s aptitude. In this day and age, there is an ongoing debate that whether exams should be held once a year or through the whole year. In this essay, I will provide advantage and disadvantage of both approaches. Getting enough time to cover the lengthy syllabus is the key advantage behind conducting the exams once a year. Students give more time and pay enough attention to learn the subjects. For instance, according to study done by University of Texas revealed that schools holding exams once a year produce more competent students.

Hence, paying more attention to their subjects will polish the intellectual abilities of the students in their professional life. On the other hand, stress on the students is the main disadvantage of multiple exams in a year. Student’s abilities are badly affected when exposed to high level of stress. For example, a survey done in early 21st century by World Health Organization (WHO) showed that tensed environment caused by multiple exams harshly disturbed emotions of adolescents.

Therefore, the burden of multi-exams system on teenager can have negative impact on overall student’s performance. Different ways of planning exams schedule have different outcomes.

This essay, discussed the benefits of annual exams and at the same time the deleterious effects of multi-exam system are also being discussed.

Most people with university degree can earn higher salaries than those who do not go to the university, so they should pay full cost of their education. What is your opinion?

The importance of students earning high salary having an academic qualification compared with people doesn’t have qualification was always a debatable topic. Some people argue that students drawing good amount have to pay full college fees. Others reject this notion and claim that leads to discrimination.

In my opinion, former proposition appears to be more rational. The following essay would further elaborate both aspects with justifying reasons and thus lead to a plausible conclusion. To start with, in fast growing competition world, education is the main factor to get settled job. Students with high degree and qualification are the first preference for the any organizations to hire. As these people are economically well settled in career they must pay entire course fee to college institutions. For instance, students who can afford to pay fees are depending on the government provided scholarships. There are people who are more intelligent but their financial situation may not support them to join and pay for the course fees. On the other hand, some people argue that it leads to discrimination among students. Not all students are well settled and to achieve this respectable position they struggled a lot. F

irstly, government has to bring policies for the students who cannot afford their fees. For instance, in Italy, government has introduced a new scheme for students who are not able to pay their fees and released student funds. This example exemplifies us that government has to take certain steps to bring out hidden talents who can serve the nation in better way.

According to the arguments aforementioned, one can reach out to conclusion that leads to misunderstanding among students and further the education departments to take and bring new policies for the students who are not well settled.

Do you think consumers should avoid over packaged products , or is it the responsibility of producers?

The packaging of products serves a number of functions. The foremost is to make things easy to carry by the end-user. Although the packaging is very important to make things more convenient but sometimes the consumer gets annoyed by the over packing of products. I am of the view that consumer should avoid over packed products as often it is purely marketing.

In this article, I will further explain my viewpoint with the valid example. Recently I visited a supermarket to find plastic-wrapped bananas. In my view bananas already come with their own natural biodegradable cover so what is the need for this extra packaging. When I inquired from the company’s customer service, they reverted that it keeps bananas fresh for long. I feel this extra plastic packaging makes the company eligible to charge more for the same fruit. Simply put, some products are unnecessarily over packed to make more money from the consumer. Also, some product’s cover is specially designed to give the false perception of greater value to the consumer. The consumer should avoid buying products that tend to be over packed. Instead, we can always carry our own bag to the supermarket to buy regular grocery or fruits to the home. If a consumer feels like any product is over-packed then he/she can replace the product with another comparable brand or company. This way we can show our support to brand/company opting for less packaging or go-green plan.

To conclude, we should always opt for minimal, fully recyclable and compostable packaging. It is the responsibility of both consumer and manufacturers to go greenway and opt for minimal packaging whenever possible.

Many people think that successful people’s accomplishments depend on the regions they come from, while other people think that it doesn’t matter where a person comes from, if that person has the will to succeed, he/she will triumph. What do you think?.

The region a person grows up in doesn’t entirely affect the success of that person. However, it does have an influence on how social skills develop during childhood and adolescence. We all understand the importance of having leadership and teamwork skills for a successful career. The native region plays an integral part for a person to acquire these. It is the biggest factor that contributes towards an accomplished person’s success. Other than this, the region earns popularity when a person belonging to it, earns fame and recognition worldwide. To talk about these factors separately;

Firstly, Native region’s influence on an accomplished person: A person’s native land can affect the person’s;

  •  Leadership, teamwork and other social skills.
  •  Character, opinions and attitude.
  •  Education, passion and profession.

The availability of modern educational tools and up-to-date resources for study in the native region determines the quality of education a person receives, and the career a person takes up. Secondly, Accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs can be considered as best examples to explain the fact that accomplished people popularize their native region as they become famous. These are people who grew up in places that built their skills in technology and hence they are an inspiration to the future generations of their hometown.

Keeping these facts in mind, let’s not forget that success of a person is also dependent on hard-work and persistence. The environment and people around can have an influence, but turning that into an accomplishment would depend upon how determined a person is.

Some people believe that confidence wins bigger games that knowledge alone cannot. Also, that accumulating knowledge makes no sense until one has the confidence to put it to use.Is it true that knowledge will help one win a struggle only if it is put into practice with full confidence, or is it confidence without knowledge that is null and void?

Many people argue that region plays crucial role behind the success of a person while other people think that if a person has determination then he can get success irrespective of regional background. As per my opinion, I think that if the person has will and dedication then person do not require support of regional background for the success.

Firstly, people who come from sophisticated background can also fail to get success because there are many factors which play vital role to achieve our goal. If we do not have will, determination and courage then we can not do anything even if we have strong regional background or support. For instance, even though some communities in Hariyana state are popular in sports because of their region, out of them only quite a few people achieved success at international level. Secondly, sometimes regional background puts indirect pressure on us to perform well to achieve our goals as we are being compared with other successful people having the same regional background.

Hence, instead of inspiration, many times we feel depression and can not work freely towards our milestones. For instance, State of Maharashtra has produced many well known international cricketers and now if any new cricketer starts his career, people compare him with other successful state crickets.

In conclusion, even though region teaches many skills to individual, person can achieve these skills using strong will, determination and handwork.

Some people prefer to be nocturnal during exam days and go through the entire syllabus in the last few days, whereas others have regular habits, studying a little every day.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both studying patterns and choose which one is a better way of action according to you.

Exam time for the students can be very distraught time. Almost every time, exam create debate between people, one faction loves to be nocturnal during the exam days and go through the entire syllabus in the last few days while other faction have regular habits of studying a little every day. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both the studying type.

It is quite normal for some people to study all night for the exam. Lack of sleep can cause many side effects on the body, among which cognitive impairment is an apparent one. For example, if a person does not sleep before the day of exam studying all night, then in the exam he/she will find it arduous to recall anything that he/she study last night because of cognitive impairment. Therefore, it may not be intelligent idea to be nocturnal in exam time. On the other hand, some people have the regular habit of studying. These people take their time out from their day to day schedule, and revise everything they learnt in school or college. There are many advantages of the day to day study behavior; most compelling one is that they will not be under pressure during the exam time. For instance, if a person already has finished the reading whole syllabus before exam then he/she will be less anxious for the coming exam as he/she alone have revise.

This essay discussed the disadvantage and advantage of both the behavioral pattern. In my opinion, it is better to study on daily basis than become nocturnal during the exam time.

“Normal” societal roles for women include taking care of the children in the household. But now that women contribute equally in outdoor responsibilities, it would be a little unfair to expect the same amount of dedication towards the upbringing of the children.Is it okay for men to participate and share the responsibilities of the house and make their presence be felt more in their children's life, or should the mothers be solely responsible?

In today’s world, many women build their professional career with additional responsibility of upbringing of children. It is totally unfair to expect total dedication from them to perform these dual roles equally well. Men should also take responsibility of children and need to contribute in the development of children’s future. This essay will discuss about valid arguments for this approach with relative examples.

Firstly, in today’s competitive world, it is really challenging to manage responsibilities of children, house and work. So, if we force women to take all the responsibilities of home and children then we are indirectly put extra stress on their life. For instance, in western countries, many women manage their work and children in parallel, but after sometime they required to sacrifice anyone of them to perform better in other. Therefore, working women can not take all the responsibilities of children and men must step up and have to share some of them to release pressure.

Secondly, upbringing of children is the responsibility of both parents. Some of the social values and behavior child can inherit from his father. Therefore, it is crucial for child to spend sufficient time with both parents. Apart from that, if both parents share responsibility with mutual understanding then it creates positive environment in home and also helps children.

In conclusion, upbringing of child is a very critical phase of child’s life and therefore both parents need to perform this duty with mutual understanding and co-operation.

What is your opinion about top executives at companies getting their employees involved in the decision-making process?

In today’s era, every company is facing cut throat competition among its peers. Due to that reason some experts are of the opinion that in this highly competitive market, management and employees should work together to make a successful and profitable company. In order to achieve it, top level authorities should always take suggestions or ideas from employees while others experts think that they should take decision on their own. In this essay I will cover both sides of the contentions and after analyzing both sides will give a reasonable conclusion. The employees play a vital role in achieving company’s goals and objectives. It is the employees who are in constant touch with clients so they can better understand the needs and wants of clients. They can be of great use while forming better client friendly policies and this way can improve business productivity. The experience of a person should be considered a significant factor. A person working in a particular area from a long time can provide a better insight to the management. The engagement of employees also give positive vibes to the employees and inspires them to work for the prosperous future of the company. The experts backing the other side see personal benefit as the major flaw. If employees are considered while forming policies or taking important decision then they might misuse the power for their personal benefit. This will not only hamper company’s growth but also diminish the business profits. It is the duty of top level management to come up with innovative and new ideas and take policies related decisions themselves. The experts are of the opinion that giving the power to everyone would lead to chaos.

Conclusion At the end I am of the view that top level management and employees should work together as company success is not serendipitous incident. The contribution by both groups is vital for success and profitability of company. Employees cannot be neglected while taking any important decision so there should be some program to include them in the decision-making and make them feel part of the company.

In today's era, TV has become very important part of life as a medium to spread intelligence and social awareness. Do you think it could have other side as well?

Communication is a very important factor in today’s rapidly growing era. TV is the one of fasted broadcasting unit, Most of the time it is more important than any other broadcasting device.

Nowadays, Every individual is influenced by the TV, because it covers various aspects of life. Earlier days, during the black and white TV, only Door Darshan was used to broadcast which had limited features but it was also very much important at that time. As the technology is changing exponentially, so it influenced TV industry. We can have various models of TV with different size, material and quality. It is directly impacting the life of an individual, hence it is like a companion to many people.

Apart from its uncountable advantages, it has few limitations too. Being a fasted medium for spreading news and awareness it may get used for spreading communal violence, nudity etc. factor which has impact on culture to a great extent. To illustrate that, let us look at the case of riots took place recently in India, it was good, if it would not have been covered on TV. In addition to that, few politicians buying channels to mobilize their party with false commitment.

TV as seen has numerous advantages and benefits to each individual’s life. But it is a need of an hour to draw an immediate attention for setting up protocols and policies for broadcasting. Moreover, I strongly recommend awareness among the people that, they should be able to recognize false communications made to them.

What is your opinion on whether the consumer should avoid over packed product or is this the responsibility of the manufacturer to avoid extra packaging of product? Share your light on this topic?

Over-packaging of products has become a trend in today’s competitive world. Producers are trying to attract consumers with an attractive packaging of their products, not bothered about its negative impact not only on our environment but the users as well. It should be the responsibility of the producers to limit the wastage of the resources in the form of unnecessary packaging.

The cost of over packaging is actually added to the product sold. In fact, at times it is seen the packing cost and durability is more that the product itself. The type of packaging found in pharmaceutical industries can be taken as an example here. Pills and tablets are found to be packed in much bigger and colourful strips than needed. Does this increase the sale of medicine? No. Such packaging is of no concern to the consumers. But, the cost of medicine would have definitely been lesser if sold in a simple outlook.

Further, the material used is mostly non-disposable which adds to the environmental pollution to a great extent. Snacks and other food items packaged in eye-catchy shimmering coloured packets are consumed on a large scale by everybody. These packets are really difficult to dispose of as they emit poisonous gas if burnt and if not can be seen to contaminate water somewhere. Producers should realise the importance of using materials like paper and stick to simple packaging.

Packaging as seen increases the cost of the product and also makes our environment unhealthy. So, this packaging boom should be checked on a serious note by the producers. Moreover, the producers should be restricted to predefined rules and parameters set by the government. It is also recommended that an awareness among the users that quality of the product is important rather than the attractive packaging.

Around the world, solar energy is becoming a more popular source of energy for many households. Why do you think this is so? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy to power one’s home?

One of the greatest threats to modern day living is the depletion of the sources that provide us the energy to maintain our lives. Most of the world’s current energy needs get fulfilled from fossil fuels. However, fossil fuels like petroleum and coal come at a price. They do not only cost us money but also degrade our environment by polluting it. Moreover, these sources of energy are nowhere close to being renewable and according to some scholars, are at the brink of extinction.

Because of the above mentioned issues, renewable sources of energy like solar power are getting popularised at an unprecedented rate. Using solar power as a source of household energy has its own unique advantages. Once harnessed, solar energy has virtually no operational cost; this makes it a cheaper option as compared to the other sources of energy. Secondly, the process of harnessing energy from the sun does not result in any harm to the environment; it is completely pollution free.

However, every coin has two sides. There are some disadvantages of using solar power as a source of domestic energy, too. Firstly, the semiconductors used in converting solar power into electricity are made up of expensive metals, thus making it costlier to install a solar power system. Secondly, solar power systems are hard to maintain because they are made up of glass. Any dust on them obstructs the reflection of sunlight and consequently makes the solar power systems inefficient to run. Lastly, solar power systems can only productively work at locations where there is plenty of sunshine all year round.

Cars come in all different shapes and sizes. Some prefer a large one, while others a compact one. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type and which would you prefer?

These days, there is an ongoing debate between people about various aspects of cars, and if should be viewed as a positive or negative impact to people. While it is possible to claim that some people prefer large size cars, while others prefer a small one; my view is that the small cars advantage outweigh the disadvantages. In this essay, I shall explain my point of view by analyzing both sides of argument.

Firstly, there are several reasons why small cars are considered to be advantageous to people. One of them is that it consumes less fuel, and it is more economical for urban areas. Secondly, it can also be argued that less amount of fossil fuel is burned by a combustion engine. Emission emitted by compact cars are very low as compared to large cars. It should also be taken into account that small cars are suitable for urban areas. It takes less space in parking.

Those who argue for big cars have a different kind of view and say that it can actually be a good thing. While, it is claimed that large car provides more interior space for passengers. We can carry a lot of things or luggages with large car. In addition, it is suitable for uphills.

In conclusion, while there are strong arguments on both sides of the case, my opinion is that size and shape of car is more important. I would strongly recommend that small car has more benefits than large car economically.

The world is becoming a smaller place because of globalization. Some people dread that culture will inevitably disappear as a result. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Globalization is the process of interaction and integration of people, organization and government. There is ongoing debate that due to globalization culture will diminish. In this essay, I shall provide my point of view by analyzing both sides of the argument.

There are several reasons why globalization affects culture and why it is in danger? One of them is that in this era of quick transportation tourism is quite easy. When people from one region come to meet with other region, they will adapt changes and learn other’s culture. Hence, it is possible that they forget about their own culture and adapt other culture. Though, the change is good for human beings but some people take it as a threat to the culture.

Those people who argue that globalization will not inevitably disappear the culture has different point of view and say that it is actually a good thing. People from different origin mix together and talked about their culture and habits. They share various ideas, while discussing on these things, the importance of culture will be reflected. Without the discussion, they take the culture for granted.

While there are strong arguments on both sides of the case my personal view is that in this era of quick transportation and telecommunication all the world is now a global village. So, from the globalization people will learn from each other. Hence, culture will be identified and tagged with them.

Some people believe the large shopping malls are replacing local shops which is bad for local economies. What is your opinion?

Nowadays a popular trend in shopping is the establishment of large shopping malls. Because of the popularity of department stores small shops are at a risk of closure. This essay will discuss convenient shopping experience and a cheaper price as advantages of large shopping malls compared to small shops.

Shopping at a department store is a more convenient experience than going to several traditional shops to purchase several types of items. In shopping malls, all of the items available under one roof and ample parking facilities are also provided. The customer is able to load grocery items, vegetables, fish, fruit, stationary or any other products into a shopping cart and pay at the cashier. Since easier shopping mechanism people prefer shopping malls rather than small shops.

Prices of goods in shopping malls are less expensive than other shops. There are various methods which provide financial benefits for customers. For instance, there are discount schemes, reward points and promotions are provided even if you visit any of the branches scattered throughout the country. Hence ultimately customers are able to buy good quality products at a cheaper rate.

This essay discussed convenience and cheaper price as advantages of shopping malls compared to small shops. Hence, in my opinion, I believe replacing small shops with shopping malls is beneficial for customers.

Should voting be compulsory for all citizens or people should have freedom to choose not to vote. What is your opinion?

Many assert that not voting is a fundamental right, a free expression of political discontent. Some go as far as to say that compulsory voting is worse than being denied a vote and a violation of rights. Legal cases have been brought in defense of the right not to vote but to date no court has enforced it. Should it be true that the right to vote could be waived and hence in itself be a right not to vote and deserve constitutional protection? If so could other basic rights be waived? The minimum wage? Equal employment? Hill argues that legal recognition of the right not to vote is a dangerous path to tread.

The right to vote is an individual liberty but crucially a collective right at the core of democracy. Without political participation from society, government, public interests, security and the very fabric of society would be at stake. Vulnerable social groups would lose their voices; failure to vote could bring political oppression and far greater infringements to personal freedom. Hill therefore reasons that voting is a right and a duty; key to the structure and values of society, a moral responsibility and more important than an individual’s right not to vote.

So voluntary voting systems can continue to allow abstention, compulsory systems can have exemptions but as Hill states this “will not — and should not — constitute the exercise of any particular right,” and “doing so would endanger — and possibly destroy — the system for which it exists: representative democracy.”

The traditional subjects are soon moving off since last few years. Kindly provide the solutions and ideas to save such subjects.

The importance of traditional subjects getting moved out of regular academics was always a debatable topic. Many people state that traditional subjects should be saved as it contributes knowledge to children in some or other way. I completely agree with the statement that subjects such as Math, Science and English are very important to present student. This essay would further elaborate the solutions and ideas how to save traditional subjects with clear example and thus lead to a plausible conclusion.

To start with, learning subjects such as Math, Physics and Science will not only provide knowledge on specific area but also give some interesting aspects of those subjects. But nowadays because of the extreme pressure and competitive job market students were forced to prepare and study for skills that are required for job market. Firstly, government has to come up with policy that should make traditional subjects mandatory in every school. In present competitive world, English is the main source of communication to communicate with clients and onshore team. Students should be taught English.

Moreover, studying Math subject improves your creative thinking. Students who solve problems in Math can solve any puzzle. For instance, students who studied Math, English and physics can choose their careers as lectures, teachers and professors in reputed colleges and universities. Further, schools have to take responsibility to encourage students to study our traditional subjects and teachers have to explain the importance of these subjects to them. School representatives and parents have to coordinate with each other, show the children our previous dramas, culture and tradition and how it is important to us in learning and improving our discipline.

According to the arguments aforementioned, one can reach out to point that traditional subjects should be saved by the government and further the schools and parents should encourage and explain the importance of those subjects.

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