Next Steps to be followed after making the Tuition Fee deposit for requesting CAS Letter & Applying for UK VISA.

The applicant is required to submit the financial documents and undergo a TB test from a panel physician, a list of which is attached for your reference.

1. Funds must be 28 days old if they are in the form of savings or fixed deposit

Important Note: It is noticed that after creating a fixed deposit, a practice is being followed that on the same fixed deposit, an overdraft facility is being taken from the bank. This is against the fund requirement of availability of funds for consecutive 28 days and may lead to refusal of issuing CAS / Visa.

2. Funds should be in the name of a student or student’s parents (sponsors any other than these, such as grandparents, uncle/aunt, siblings, etc. are strictly not allowed)

3. If funds are available in the parents’ account, then a ‘Parent Consent Letter’ (format attached) and birth certificate of the applicant must be submitted

4. Following types of funds are accepted for UK student visa lodgement
a. Education Loan
b. Saving Account
c. Fixed Deposits
Funds that are required to be shown for visa purpose = Remaining unpaid tuition fee of the first year + Living Expenses for 9 months.

* Below mentioned requirement of funds will be applicable from 1st Dec, 2020

Living Expenses = £9207 (£1023*9 months) for Universities that are away from London

Living Expenses = £12006 (£1334*9 months) for Universities located in London

Below are the enlisted documents:

1.Bank Balance Certificate

2.FD balance certificate

3.Education Loan sanction letter

4. A list of ‘original documents’ required to be carried by the applicant to the VFS for Visa interview

5. A mock interview questionnaire – the student to be prepared for the interview based questions

6. A list of panel Hospitals from where the applicant has to undergo his medicals (Chest X-ray and TB test)

7.Letter of Consent, if the funds are in parents’ account

8. Under 18 consent letter to be signed by applicant’s parents (if applicable)