The SAT Math test And Quick Facts

The Math Test focuses on the math that matters most to college and career readiness. To succeed on the Math Test, students will need to demonstrate mathematical practices, such as problem solving and using appropriate tools strategically.Most math questions will be multiple choice, but some will be student-produced responses (grid-ins).The Math Test is divided into two portions: Math Test with calculator and Math Test without use of calculator. Some parts of the test present students with a scenario and then ask several questions about it. The Math Test requires students to demonstrate conceptual understanding by demonstrating mastery of mathematical concepts, operations, and relations.There are 58 questions/tasks to be answered in 80 minutes.

Three Math Sections Are Organised As Follows

  • One section of 25 minutes containing 8 problem solving questions and 10 grid-ins
  • One section of 25 minutes containing 20 problem solving questions
  • One section of 20 minutes containing 16 problem solving questions

Practice Tests

To know the level of difficulty and the type of topics tested we have provided you with free practice tests on each of the question types you will encounter on the SAT.

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