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Our mock tests help you practice writing skills, reading skills, listening skills and speaking skills thoroughly so that you can get to know your performance at varied score bands and personalized analysis to help you focus on your study. On the whole, our training provides expert explanation for all four modules, help you identify your strengths and weakness so you can customize your study plan and ace this exam.

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 Novus Grammar Capsule:

  • Punctuation rules:
    1. Commas
    2. Colons
    3. Semi colons
    4. Capital letters
    5. Full stops
    6. Run on sentences
    7. Sentence fragments
    8. Types of sentences
    9. Coordinate conjunctions
    10. Subordinate conjunctions
    11. Correlative conjunctions
    12. Clauses
    13. Phrases
    14. Parallelism
    15. Modifiers

Novus Lexical Resource:

  • Most important vocabulary
  • Important idioms
  • Important phrasal verbs
  • Important quarters

Paragraph Writing:

Writing Task 2 Sample Essay:

Popular events like the football World Cup and other Sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. To What extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Sample Introduction paragraph:

It is generally assumed that international sporting events such as soccer world cup, cricket world cup and Olympics bring about peace and harmony among nations and help resolve international disputes among nations besides providing an opportunity to vent patriotic emotions in a safe way. However, I beg to differ with this idea and in this essay I am going to support my view with suitable examples before attempting to draw a conclusion.

Sample body paragraphs:

Body Paragraph 1: First and foremost, if we look at the origin of international disputes, they are all related to geography, natural resources such as fossil fuels, water or trade and commerce. Political parties that contest elections and form government decide foreign policy. Resolving an issue or escalating is a matter purely depends on political will. Secondly, no sporting event so far played any major role in easing any international tension. Be it Israel or Palestine, India and Pakistan,

Iran and Iraq, or USA and Cuba all these countries sporting personnel participated in the Olympics, Asians games or soccer & cricket world cup. All they achieved was improving cultural ties between nations and expressing their support openly without fear to their respective teams.

Body Paragraph 2: Another key point is sometimes these sporting events became breeding grounds for terrorism. For Instance, 1970’s Munich Olympics is the best example when 11 of Israel athletics are massacred by Palestine terrorists that led to armed conflict between both the nations. Furthermore, there were occasions when audience belonging to rival nations involved in violent acts resulting in bloodshed.

Sample conclusion paragraph:

In conclusion, as has been noticed, the intent behind the international sporting events are laudatory. The committees or organizations that wanted to bring world nations on one platform in order to bring about unity, cultural diversity, camaraderie among participants. Nevertheless, easing disputes among nations certainly not possible through sports alone; unfortunately, it is a bitter truth. What is required is an indomitable political will and strong leadership which seeks peace and tranquility.

Important connectives:

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  • Create a Paragraph on the follow topics and have them evaluated free
  • Sample Essays
  • Send an essay
  • For free evaluation

Lexical Resource:

The term lexical resource means the ability to use “Vocabulary”. It is to term IELTS uses in the band descriptors .It is one of the four band descriptors.

Lexical resource weightages is 25% of the total. The other three parameters are grammatical range and accuracy, task achievement and coherence and cohesion.

The following factors are involved in lexical resource:

Clear communication: The words what you use shall be contextually relevant, so your primarily goal is to communicate clearly. Do not use flashy adjectives and adverbs if they garble your message.

Accurate Spelling: Please do mind spelling mistakes. The more spelling mistakes you make the low your lexical resource.

Accurate collocations:

Let’s get the hang of collocations; they refer to a combination of words in a language that happens very often. They come in pairs. For Instance

  1. Blissfully ignorant – not happily ignorant
  2. Troubling times – not harassing times
  3. Cup of tea – not glass of tea
  4. Commit a sin – not make a sin
  5. Jump to conclusions – not jump to assumptions
  6. Leave quality – not leave silently
  7. Make a wish – not think a wish
  8. Sow a seed – not a plant seed
  9. Mean during river – curly river Winding road – not twisting road