Text Completion Practice Questions

1. Nonviolent demonstrations often create such tensions that a community that has constantly  refused to _ its injustices is              forced to correct them: the injustices can no longer be _ .

(A) acknowledge … ignored
(B) decrease … verified
(C) tolerate … accepted
(D) address … eliminated
(E) explain … discusse

2. Since 1813 reaction to Jane Austen’s novels has oscillated between _ and condescension; but in general later writers have      esteemed her works more highly than did most of her literary_.

(A) dismissal … admirers
(B) adoration … contemporaries
(C) disapproval … readers
(D) indifference … followers
(E) approbation … precursors

3. There are, as yet, no vegetation types or ecosystems whose study has been _ to the extent that they no longer _ ecologists.

(A) perfected … hinder
(B) exhausted … interest
(C) prolonged … require
(D) prevented … challenge
(E) delayed … benefit

4. Under ethical guidelines recently adopted by the National Institutes of Health, human genes are to be manipulated only to        correct diseases for which_ treatments are unsatisfactory.

(A) similar
(B) most
(C) dangerous
(D) uncommon
(E) alternative

5. It was her view that the country’s problems had been_ by foreign technocrats, so that to invite them to come back would be        counterproductive.

(A) foreseen
(B) attacked
(C) ascertained
(D) exacerbated
(E) analyzed

6. Winsor McCay, the cartoonist, could draw with incredible_ : his comic strip about LittleNemo was characterized by                      marvelous draftsmanship and sequencing.

(A) sincerity
(B) efficiency
(C) virtuosity
(D) rapidity
(E) energy

7. The actual _of Wilson’s position was always_ by his refusal to compromise after having initially agreed to negotiate a settlement.

(A) outcome … foreshadowed
(B) logic … enhanced
(C) rigidity … betrayed
(D) uncertainty … alleviated
(E) cowardice … highlighted

8. The senator’s reputation, though_ by false allegations of misconduct, emerged from theordeal_ .

(A) shaken … unscathed
(B) destroyed … intact
(C) damaged … impaired
(D) impugned … unclear
(E) tarnished … sullied

9. This poetry is not_ ; it is more likely to appeal to an international audience than is poetry with strictly regional themes.

(A) familiar
(B) democratic
(C) technical
(D) complex
(E) provincial

10. Experienced employers recognize that business students who can _ different points of view are ultimately more effective          as managers than are the brilliant and original students who dogmatically to their own formulations.

(A) discredit … revert
(B) assimilate … adhere
(C) impose … refer
(D) disregard … incline
(E) advocate … relate

11. Poe’s _ reviews of contemporary fiction, which often find great merit in otherwise literary _gems, must make us respect his        critical judgment in addition to his well-known literary talent.

(A) thorough … completed
(B) petulant … unpopular
(C) insightful … unappreciated
(D) enthusiastic … acclaimed
(E) harsh … undeserving

12. The significance of the Magna Carta lies not in its_ provisions, but in its broader impact: it made the king subject to the law.

(A) specific
(B) revolutionary
(C) implicit
(D) controversial
(E) finite

13. The theory of cosmic evolution states that the universe, having begun in a state of simplicity and_, has _ into great variety.

(A) equilibrium … modulated
(B) homogeneity … differentiated
(C) contrast … metamorphosed
(D) proportion … accelerated
(E) intelligibility … developed

14. Not wishing to appear_ , the junior member of the research group refrained from any criticism of the senior members’ plan        for dividing up responsibility for the entire project.

(A) reluctant … evaluating
(B) inquisitive … offering
(C) presumptuous … venturing
(D) censorious … undercutting
(E) moralistic … observing

15. In the British theater young people under thirty-five have not had much_ getting recognition onstage, but offstage—in the          ranks of playwrights, directors, designers, administrators—they have mostly been relegated to relative obscurity.

(A) trouble
(B) satisfaction
(C) curiosity about
(D) success at
(E) fear of

16. An institution concerned about its reputation is at the mercy of the actions of its members; because the misdeeds of                   individuals are often used to_ the institutions of which they are a part.

(A) reform
(B) coerce
(C) honor
(D) discredit
(E) intimidate

17. Since many casual smokers develop lung cancer and many _smokers do not, scientists believe that individuals differ in            their_ the cancer-causing agents known to be present in cigarette smoke.

(A) heavy … susceptibility to
(B) chronic … concern about
(C) habitual … proximity to
(D) devoted … reliance upon
(E) regular … exposure to

18. We accepted the theory that as people become more independent of one another, they begin to feel so isolated and lonely        that freedom becomes_ condition that most will seek to_ .

(A) a permanent … postpone
(B) a common … enter
(C) a negative … escape
(D) a political … impose
(E) an irreparable … avoid

19. If animal parents were judged by human standards, the cuckoo would be one of nature’s more_ creatures, blithely laying          its  eggs in the nests of other birds, and leaving the incubating and nurturing to them.

(A) mettlesome
(B) industrious
(C) domestic
(D) lackluster
(E) feckless

20. The current penchant for _a product by denigrating a rival, named in the advertisement by brand name, seems                           somewhat_  : suppose the consumer remembers only the rival’s name?

(A) criticizing … inefficient
(B) touting … foolhardy
(C) enhancing … insipid
(D) evaluating … cumbersome
(E) flaunting … gullible

21. His imperturbability in the face of evidence indicating his deliberate fraud failed to reassuresupporters of his essential_ ;             instead, it suggested a talent for_ that they had neversuspected.

(A) culpability…. intrigue
(B) wisdom … reproof
(C) remorse … loquacity
(D) probity … guile
(E) combativeness … compromise

22. Although providing wild chimpanzees with food makes them less _and easier to study, it is alsoknown to their normal                social  patterns.

(A) interesting … reinforce
(B) manageable … upset
(C) shy … disrupt
(D) poised … inhibit
(E) accessible … retard

23. There is something_ about the way the building of monasteries proliferated in eighteenth- century Bavaria, while in the              rest  of the Western world religious ardor was _ and church building was consequently declining.

(A) enigmatic … coalescing.
(B) destructive … changing
(C) immutable … dissipating
(D) incongruous … diminishing
(E) momentous … diversifying

24. Because they had various meanings in nineteenth century biological thought, “mechanism” and “vitalism” ought not to be          considered_ terms; thus, I find the recent insistence that the terms had single definitions to be entirely _.

(A) univocal … erroneous
(B) problematic … anachronistic
(C) intractable … obtuse
(D) congruent … suspect
(E) multifaceted … vapid

25. Many Americans believe that individual initiative epitomized the 1890’s and see the  entrepreneur as the_ of that age.

(A) caricature
(B) salvation
(C) throwback
(D) aberration
(E) personification

26. Neither the ideas of philosophers nor the practices of ordinary people can, by themselves,_ reality; what in fact changes            reality and kindles revolution is the _of the two.

(A) constitute … divergence
(B) affect … aim
(C) transform … interplay
(D) preserve … conjunction
(E) alter … intervention

27. There has been a tendency among art historians not so much to revise as to eliminate the concept of the Renaissance  to         _ not only its uniqueness, but its very existence.

(A) explain
(B) extol
(C) transmute
(D) regret
(E) contest

28. Employees had become so inured to the caprices of top management’s personnel policies thatthey greeted the                          announcement of a company-wide dress code with_ .

(A) astonishment
(B) impassivity
(C) resentment
(D) apprehension
(E) confusion

29. Although the feeding activities of whales and walruses give the seafloor of the Bering Shelf a devastated appearance,              these activities seem to be actually_ to the area,_ its productivity.

(A) destructive … counterbalancing
(B) rehabilitative … diminishing
(C) beneficial … enhancing
(D) detrimental … redirecting
(E) superfluous … encumbering

30. In an age without radio or recordings, an age _ by print, fiction gained its greatest  ascendancy.

(A) decimated
(B) denigrated
(C) dominated
(D) emphasized
(E) resurrected

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