GRE Verbal Text Completion question no. 07 of Exercise 2 by Ms. Jeeva:
1. Just as astrology was for centuries ______faith, countering the strength of established churches, so today believing in astrology is an act of ______the professional sciences.

Blank (I) Blank (II)
A) an accepted D) support for
B) an unknown E) defiance against
C) a heretical F) rebellion by

Text Completion Question 8 of
No other contemporary poet’s work has such a well-earned reputation for (i)________ and there are few whose moral vision is so imperiously unsparing. Of late, however, the almost belligerent demands of his severe and densely forbidding poetry have taken an improbable turn. This new collection is the poet’s fourth book in six years an ample output even for poets of sunny disposition, let alone for one of such (ii) ________over the previous 50 years. Yet for all his newfound (iii) __________, his poetry is as thorny as ever.

Blank (I) Blank (II) Blank (III)
A) patent accessibility B) intrinsic frivolity C) near impenetrability
D) penitential austerity E) intractable prolixity F) impetuous prodigality
G) taciturnity H) volubility I) pellucidity